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Each activity can potentially impact areas that, in the past, were often overlooked. Being part of a given ecosystem, companies have significant influence on it and therefore have a duty to commit to having a positive impact on the different categories of stakeholders, and to ensure a balance across allinterests.


At Fire, we strongly believe that meeting all stakeholders’ needs is only possible if there is a strong will on the part of the company’s leadership, which is the driving force as the primary supporter of the issue. Equally important is the engagement of all those that take part in the daily activities of the company, whose awareness must be cultivated through a widespread culture of sustainability.

It is also fundamental that the alignment of interests is concretely achieved when long-term strategic plans are designed, taking into account the ability of the company to take responsibility and achieve the objectives set. 
Applying this logic to our sector, we believe that companies offering services supporting credit can play an important role in rebalancing the relationship between two or more parties involved, within the economic system.
Debt, in its various forms, is a situation of lack of balance in the relation between two or more parties, reverberating in turn onto other parties within the economic system. Thanks to an ethical credit management, carried out according to market best practices (which the Group actively helped shape through its activity within the industry association), we believe we can rebalance the credit chain, offering sustainable solutions and specific professionalism, aware of the responsibility of rebalancing the economic system.
To this end, we design our services with the aim of safeguarding value for the stakeholders involved in our activity and commit to bringing sustainability to our core business, the means through which we can generate the deepest positive impact on the parties with whom we interact. 
For a long time, we have intertwined a long-term vision of our role with a strong reactivity towards the present, to swiftly adapt to changes as we believe it is fundamental for the company’s ability to operate and redistribute the value it generates.


Sustainability cannot be improvised, nor built in a day. It is a change of paradigm, one that is not simple, but necessary in today’s world.
The Group has been active in the CSR sphere since 2006, through tangible actions to the benefit of its stakeholders and its measurement and reporting via its Sustainability Report, published annually, and, since 2020, the supporting of Global Compact, a United Nations’ initiative aiming at encouraging companies globally to adopt sustainable policies, respecting corporate social responsibility, and publish the results of the actions undertaken.


The Group reaffirms its support for this standard and for its Ten Principles, relating to human rights, labour, environment and anticorruption, also through the reporting of actions undertaken for the continuous improvement of the integration of these principles into its strategy, culture and daily operations, informing our stakeholders via our main communication channels.

We believe that networking on the subject and periodically updating the market and the stakeholders with respect to the progresses achieved regarding the improvement goals set, the initiatives and their results, but also reporting improvement areas, creates engagement and triggers a virtuous circle by fostering awareness on the need to intertwine economic choices with environmental and social ones.

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FAQ - Repayment Plans

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